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Question & Answers

  1. When is the right time to get a custom made boot?
  2. Which points have to be considered before a mold appointment?
  3. How long do customers have to wait for their new Junker Skates?
  4. How are Junker Skates delivered?
  5. What does the delivery of Junker Skates include?
  6. How long do customers have to consider running in a new custom made boot?
  7. How can we help customers who have problems with their Junker Skates?
  8. Do Junker Skates have to be maintained?
  9. How long do Junker Skates last?

When is the right time to get a custom made boot?

We recommend to get new Junker Skates while you still can skate with your old boots, but they show signs of wastage already. For example, cracks or rubbing through parts on the inner leather layers as well as an instable carbon shell. Fast action has to be taken if there is danger of getting ganglions or dents on your feet. There is enough time for our customers with unstressed feet and still usable old skates to get accustomed and be able to run in their new Junker Skates. This point is far more important for customers who have determined settled goals for their upcoming race season.

Preferably, we recommend our customers to contact us for a mold appointment in advance, before the beginning of the new race season (especially for customers who already have settled race meetings). Particularly, the winter and spring-time is a good period to run in a new carbon boot and get ready for the upcoming events!

Customers who want to change from a high soft boot to a low carbon shell boot can strengthen their leg and ankle muscles through special work outs. Thereby a change of inline skating boots will be much easier. Special work outs are for example, wiggling boards or knee bends on inflated hot-water bottles to strengthen tendons, ligaments and muscles structures. Additionally a slow and easy skating with half open boots can be helpful. Even this kind of exercises stabilizes muscles and tendons!

We recommend making a mold appointment in the morning or early afternoon because feet tend to swell during the day due to long standing or other stressful activities. The intense of the swelling can vary from individual to individual. This differences can be regulated later on by tighten up or loosen up the laces and buckles on the new boots.

Which points have to be considered before a mold appointment?

  • The feet have to be shaved up to six inches above the ankle section, by this taking off the dry cast will be much more pleasant;
  • Long skating exercises before the appointment should be avoided because it can cause swelling of the feet;
  • Running or biking is good for the blood circulation and can be exercised before an appointment;
  • Please bring along the following items to a mold appointment:
    • towel
    • slippers / e.g. flip-flops
    • „old“ inline skates (with frames and wheels)
    • helmet and protection gear (for a short inline skating exercise)
  • The mold appointment will take approximately 1 ½ hours.

How long do customers have to wait for their new Junker Skates?

In the moment it takes around 4-6 month depending on the orders. Exact information on request.

How are Junker Skates delivered?

Generally, our customers have two ways to receive their new Junker Skates:

    Pickup directly at Junker Skates and receive personal assistance for the frame set up (at this point the remaining sum of the total price has to be paid in cash).

    Delivery by the german post. Please consider that Junker Skates are delivered without mounted frames, wheels, bearings and/or laces. Each of these accessories has to be mounted by our customers. The dispatch takes place at the time when the remaining sum of the total price has been transferred to our bank account.

    What does the delivery of Junker Skates include?

    • 1 pair of Junker Skates and waxed laces;
    • screws to mount the frames;
    • 1 replacement buckle;
    • free delivery by the german post within Germany.

    Of course, additional ordered Junker Skates products are included in the delivery!

    How long do customers have to consider running in a new custom made boot?

    There are different kinds of experiences but above all it depends on the personal attributes of each of our customer. Many of our customers report that they were able to develop a good race feeling after a few days of running in their new Junker Skates. But experiences show that it generally takes some time and we recommend to run in their new boots with care and step by step, which may be by a short turn around the block and slowly increasing the distances and skating time. This is especially recommended for customers who change from a soft boot to a carbon shell boot. A general fact is that not only the feet have to get accustomed to the shell but also the entire muscles to the new exercise and movements. These has to be trained first and may take a little while and patience.

    How can we help customers who have problems with their Junker Skates?

    We always try to develop a mutual trust with our customers which starts at the time they first contact us. When there are problems we try to help as fast and best as we can.

    Please contact us! We only are able to solve problems of which we are informed about!

    Do Junker Skates have to be maintained?

    Custom made carbon boots for inline skating or other sports are sports equipment and like any other equipment, need to be handled with care and need to be checked. The use and background of maintenance is for your own safety. Junker Skates do not have to be delivered to us. Each of our customer is responsible for his own safety and has to take care of his own Junker Skates. This refers to a regular check up of the screws on your frames and boots as well as the wheels and their axes. Please always consider that screws can get loose over usage!

    It is essential to always check up your screws before inline skating!

    Wheels and bearings underlie certain wastage during time and usage. This can be reduced and prolonged with a regular care. Bearings should be cleaned if they were exposed to extreme dirty (sandy) streets or to water by rain. The use of lubricants is recommended such as oil and grease products.  Please ask us!

    Wheels are the first parts on inline skates which get wasted after a certain time period. To ensure long lasting durability we recommend changing the position of the wheels once in a while. By this you will reach a more constant abrasion of the wheels. The quality of the wheels determines the degree of abrasion and is also important for road adherence. That is way we only suggest products from good manufacturers and to replace wheels if they get too old and used.

    Generally we note: each of our customers is responsible for their own Junker Skates. We advise you any time and help you to apply the correct maintenance and care for Junker Skates!

    The material of Junker Skates (e.g. canting protection, leather, hook and loop fastener, laces, eyelets, etc.) will show wastage after time and usage. For this, we offer our customers a repair service!

    How long do Junker Skates last?

    The durability of Junker Skates depends on each of our customer. The physical exposure to the road and weather conditions, wearing the boots without socks, sweat and the consistence of the sweat (which is individually different) play an important role for the durability of the materials. For this we only use high-quality and proofed materials but even though we cannot guarantee a life lasting durability for interior materials of Junker Skates.

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