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Dear inline skating enthusiastic,

   Junker Skates was founded in 2002 and since then has become established as a constant factor in building Custom Made Boots for the German inline skating market. Our motto “Custom Made in Germany” consists of building hand made, high-quality and innovative custom boots.

The initial idea resulted out of personal needs to get a good custom made boot in Germany with local service. Our aim is to build the best possible custom boot for our customers and by this let our customers concentrate on the essence of this sport – that is having fun and being able to enjoy inline skating! We create custom boots for speed skaters with extremely light and stiff carbon shells for precise and fast movements; we build custom boots with higher comfort for fitness skaters but without ranking behind the standards of a speed skate; and we offer skaters who have feet problems the option not to have to resign for a carbon shell and be able to exercise this fascinating sport without stress.

Due to the close contact between our customers and team members in the past few years, we were able to constantly improve and enhance our benefits and services and accomplish the wishes and needs of our customers. At this point we wish to say thank you to all our customers and their confidence towards Junker Skates.

Our central location in Germany makes Junker Skates easy to reach for our customers. Our mobile car service allows us to get to our customers any time of the year. We only use certified quality materials to build our products and always try to accomplish the individual wishes of our customers and by this, make them satisfied with their Junker Skates.

Junker Skates was founded by a speed skater and stands for honest and professional consulting for the fabrication of custom and hand made boots in Germany. In this spirit I am looking forward to working with you,

Daniel Junker

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