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Closing System

The lacing of Junker Skates is made of waxed laces which mean that the laces are covered with a wax layer to prevent loosening while wearing the boots*). Junker Skates has developed two different types of buckle systems. The difference between the two systems is the position of the buckle on the boot.  The choice which one of the systems is best differs from customer to customer and often is decided by personal judgment.

a)     Top Closing System – the buckle is situated a little bit higher above the ankle. The strap crosses the boot twice under the flap and gives the upper section a strong hold. We particularly recommend this closing system for customers who need and wish a tight hold on the upper ankle region. Due to the twice crossing of the strap over the boot, the pressure is dispersed over the entire upper region of the feet.

Top Closing System - outside view

Top Closing System - inside view

Top Closing System - front view

b)    Standard – the buckle is situated a little bit lower under the ankle. The strap only crosses the boot once under the flap. The buckle position was adopted to be able to close the boot precisely. We recommend this closing system for customers who need more freedom of movement in the upper region of the boot.

Standard - front view

Standard - inside view

Standard - Outside view

Our buckle system is based on easy usability and with a little practice it is possible to operate the system (tight or loosen) during skating.

*) We recommend replacing the waxed laces after long usage because the wax layer gets worn out over time.

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